How I Got Over My Reading Slump!

Hello friends! If you guys have kept up with my former blog (, you’ll know that I’ve made this post on there already. However, since I’m FINALLY moving my blog onto WordPress, I thought I’d start off with this post since it’s one that’s most relatable to the book lovers community!

We have all been there before and it’s totally normal. Sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes it lasts for weeks. It really varies. I remember going through THE biggest reading slump when I was in high school. I basically didn’t read for a whole year… Or maybe even more. I honestly don’t remember. Yeah, it was that bad.

Anyways, as you might or might not already know, I went on vacation for two weeks in the beginning of February. While I was away on my vacation, I didn’t read at all. Which I was totally fine with; I wanted to explore as many new things as I could while I was on vacation.

The problem was… After I got back home from vacation, I had the biggest vacation hangover EVER! (Is that even a thing? Or did I just make that up?) I was still stuck on vacation mode and every time I picked up a book, I would read a page and be all like “nah” and then put it back down. I did this with different books for a couple of days. Okay who am I kidding?! I basically did this for a whole week.

I don’t know about you but when I’m going through a reading slump, I just feel terrible. So here are some pointers on how you could get over your reading slump! Keep in mind that everybody is different, so what worked for me might not necessarily work for you. But that’s okay, because you’ll find something that works for you eventually, I’m sure of it! So without further ado, here are the tips and pointers on how YOU could get over that unwanted reading slump, brought to you by yours truly! ♥

  • Give yourself some time! Reading slumps totally suck, but forcing yourself to read when you just can’t is just as good as not reading at all.


  • Browse and look through ANY books online (or even your local library/book store). This might help you find something you’re totally interested in that you might just be like “okay I TOTALLY have to read this now! Like, now!” and then BAM, you’re out of your reading slump. Lol.


  • Stare at your books/bookshelf. (I’m not entirely sure how exactly this would be helpful. But either way, it’s a win-win situation. If you’re not going to read them, you might as well just admire them. Right? That’s the spirit!)


  • Read short stories. Either from a physical book, or just anything online. If you really want to read but can’t for the life of you read a full novel, then maybe reading short stories might make you feel somewhat accomplished.


  • Find a light-hearted, easy read. Maybe choose a genre that is your go-to when you want something quick. This is what worked for me. I often find myself looking for humour books when I want something quick and reading a funny book helped me get back to reading again. Thanks, Jenny Lawson! (If you guys haven’t read Furiously Happy, you definitely should.)


  • In contrary to the previous bullet point, maybe read a genre that is totally and completely out of your comfort zone. If you don’t read crime fiction, try crime fiction. If you don’t read classics, try classics. If you’ve always wanted to try YA fantasy but just haven’t gotten around to it, maybe now is the time.


  • If you’re a bookstagrammer like I am and have an instagram account for your books (which you probably do, because you probably saw me post about this blogpost on my book account that you follow with your book account), just scroll through your news feed and see what your fellow bookstagrammers and bookworms are reading. You never know when or who you’ll pluck inspiration from.


  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to be in a reading slump. I know that every time I’m in a reading slump, I just feel like a big, unproductive ball of sadness. Like I said, give yourself some time. You’ll get around to finding something that will get you out of your reading slump. For example, you might be drinking coffee one day and then all of a sudden you have all of this energy and you tell yourself you’re going to DEFINITELY get out of your reading slump today and just get a butt load of reading done and then later on you realize it was probably just the caffeine making you think you can do things you seriously still do not have the energy to do and then you’re back to square one so you drink more coffee… Wait, I don’t even know where I’m going with this. Basically, just relax. You’ll get out of your reading slump soon enough. Yup, I think that’s where I was going with this bullet point.


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