Joining the Booktube Community

Can I say I’m officially a part of the booktube community even though this is just an introduction video!? Lol.

Even just considering joining booktube was SO nerve wracking for me. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a shy person. It’s just that putting yourself out there for thousands of people to watch and see is kind of a big decision! Nonetheless, I am here! I decided to put all of those worries behind so that I could connect with my fellow book loving friends even more.

The support that I received when I had announced on bookstagram that I was joining the booktube community was so overwhelming. I really appreciate every single one of you who are consistent (and even if you’ve just done it once! I appreciate you very much, too!) with your likes and comments on my photos on bookstagram. I can honestly say that I am excited every day to check up on my bookstagram because of every single one of you! ❤

I hope you guys continue to support me and keep updated with me. It has been kind of a crazy start of the year considering I never thought I’d EVER join bookstagram, never mind THE BOOKTUBE COMMUNITY! Once again, your support means the world to me. ❤



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