April Book Haul

It counts as a haul even if they were hand-me-downs and I didn’t pay for them, right? Well I’ll say so! Lol. All of these, except the four classics, were hand-me-downs! So, don’t worry, I didn’t go and buy 13 books all in one month. Though that still would have been nice (for my library, not so much for my wallet).

If you follow my bookstagram, you may or may not already know that I was on a book buying ban and was rather successful… For a whole two months! Crazy, right?! So, really, this massive book haul was a treat for me! The month of May might not be as successful in terms of calming down on the book buying, though. It’s my birthday month and I already know I’m not going to hold back. Lol.

Anyways, here are the books and their summary if you’re interested:

There is one book that isn’t pictured in this photo: In Praise of Wolves by R.D. Lawrence

You’ll notice that some of these are part of a series, and they are series I have not yet started. Like I said, these were hand-me-downs, so I just picked the ones that interested me. I will obviously not begin with a book that isn’t the first one in the series. So some of these I will not be able to read for a while. Nonetheless, I am grateful for hand-me-downs 🙂 I mean, FREE BOOKS!



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