The Liebster Award



Hello book bloggers and bookworms alike! Another blogging award?! I’m actually quite flattered. This was the very first blogger award I’ve ever been nominated for. I was nominated by Thais from A Full Time Reader quite a while ago, and I had been meaning to do it (really, I have) but it just seemed like a very long award to go through. Since I was nominated once more by Michelle from The Sapphire, I thought “what the heck?” I don’t want to keep putting this off because it seems only fair that I acknowledge it the way these two lovely bloggers have acknowledged my blog by simply nominating me. So here it goes!

The rules:

– Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
– Answer 11 question that the blog gives you.
– Give 11 random facts about yourself.
– Nominate up to 11 new blogs and link them in your post. NOTE: There are some variations you might find online as to how one determines whether a blog is new or not (this ranged from 200-3000 followers).
– Let the blogs know you have nominated them. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Since I was nominated by two different people, I will be answering a total of 22 questions. I will make it short and sweet so as to not bore any of you! Let’s start with Thais’s questions:

1. Which book made you start reading?
If I remember correctly, I think it was The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler

2. Are you a slow or fast reader?
Depends on what I’m reading. But generally, I’d say I’m a pretty fast reader.

3. Five books that you always recommend.
The Shining by Stephen King
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

4. Do you keep track of your reading?
Yes! Through Goodreads!

5. How do you prepare yourself to write a book review?
I usually write notes as I read through books via sticky notes! Or if I’m on my ereader, I just highlight certain parts and leave my thoughts on them.

6. What you do to get out of a reading slump?
I like to give myself time when I hit a reading slump. I let it be and then pick up easy reads like contemporary or a good nonfiction. I actually have a post about getting over reading slumps. You can check it out here!

7. Do you have daily reading goals?
I’ve recently set a daily reading goal for myself which is to read 100 pages a day. I’m not always successful but it’s okay!

8. Three songs you can’t stop listening to at the moment.
All of the songs on Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade

9. Five movies you recommend.
Spirited Away (really any of the Studio Ghibli movies)
The Uninvited
Gone Girl
Shutter Island
21 Jump Street

10. Do you have a lot of books in your TBR?
Oh yes… Yup. A big yup. No shame though.

11. If you could choose to be a character which one would you be?
Tough. I’d choose a fairy. Or a mermaid. Either one fascinates me!

Now for Michelle’s questions:

1. Where do you call home?
If you mean literally, then Canada in the Toronto area! But if you mean metaphorically, wherever my loved ones are. More specifically where my beloved boyfriend is ❤️

2. How would you describe the target audience of your blog in one sentence?
Anyone who is interested in literature and the other general wonders of life!

3. What is the primary reason for starting your blog?
To have a proper platform where I can talk about books in depth.

4. How often do you post content on your blog?
I try to post every day but I’m not always successful.

5. Is there a story behind your blog name?
Not really. I wanted to call it “leslieslibrary” (my URL) since that is my handle name on bookstagram but that one was already taken *pout* (but luckily I’m able to keep the name of my blog itself as “leslieslibrary” even if the URL is different)

6. What is your ideal morning routine?
As much as I love sleeping in, I try not to do so during weekdays when there are chores and errands to be done. I am usually up by 8am-9am and give myself time to check all my social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and my blog. After that, I like to get myself started with a cup of coffee. Once I feel awake and energized enough, I go ahead and do the chores and errands that needs to be done around the house. After feeling productive, I keep it going by trying to take a photo to post up for my bookstagram account. And then I read. And read. Until I am a big ball of mess. Lmao.

7. Do you have a vice? If so, what is it?
Hm… I’d have to say I am notorious when it comes to procrastinating. It’s very, very bad. I tend to put a lot of things off (including writing this award). Instead of getting the stressful things out of the way, I get anxious and put them off for later. And sometimes, I don’t take action until it is literally last minute which adds even more stress.

8. When you’re not working on your blog, what are you doing instead?
Reading. Or hanging out with my boyfriend. Or my family. Or running errands and doing chores.

9. What is an amazing travel memory you have?
When I went to visit my boyfriend in California for the first time! It was so exhilarating because it was my first time traveling out of the country. And ALL BY MYSELF! I got to go to Disneyland, explore Los Angeles, go to a couple bookstores, visit a few beaches, eat a LOT of good food, and of course…I got to spend a lot of quality time with my boyfriend.

10. Where else on social media can we find you?
Instagram, Goodreads, and Snapchat (leslieslibrary)

11. Who are your favorite people to spend time with?
My boyfriend and my little 5 year old brother. They’re my boys!

Here are (very random) 11 facts about me:

1. I still sleep with stuff toys. More specifically my Stitch plush.

2. I won a coloring/art contest when I was 8 years old.

3. I’m 4’11

4. I can’t swim

5. Potatoes are my favourite food of all time!

6. I love cilantro. On everything or by itself.

7. I didn’t start drinking coffee a lot until my bookstagram happened.

8. I have trypophobia (google it at your own risk)

9. I still have my diary from when I was 11 years old (it’s a ticking time bomb, I reckon)

10. I was born and raised in the Philippines (Manila, Makati)

11. I am the oldest grandchild on my mom’s side of the family.

My 11 questions for the nominees:

1. Which literary character do you feel you identify with the most?
2. Do you have a sentimental item that you like to keep close to you at all times? If so, what is it?
3. If you could travel to one place right now, all expenses covered, where would you go?
4. Is there a genre you absolutely cannot stand to read?
5. Are you more of an outdoorsy person or a home body?
6. Do you have a system in how you run your blog? (What to post on certain days, etc)
7. There’s a zombie apocalypse and you can only choose one author to help save. Who is it?
8. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
9. What one word do you think most of your friends would use to describe you?
10. Is there one book that you can say absolutely changed your life for the better? If so, which book?
11. If you were stuck on an island and had to pick one literary character you absolutely did not like to help you out on said island, which character would it be?

The bloggers I nominate:

Rachael from rachaelrexds

Brendan from Brendan Writes

Ashley from book tales

Meg from Sparkle Fists

Hannah from booknerdnative

Sophie from Main Street & Maple

Sakina from A Forest of Books and Memories

Layla from Baby got [paper]back

Nat from An Aussie Bookworm

Lauren from Wonderless Reviews

Maddie from Of Reading and Random Things

Liss from theclumsybookworm

Jessica from novelcravings

I want to thank Thais and Michelle again for nominating me. This was very fun to do and I can’t wait to read your answers for the questions I came up with and get to know some of you a little bit more! I realize that I nominated more than 11 bloggers, BUT WHO’S GOING TO STOP ME?! Lol. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go explore the other bloggers that both Thais and Michelle nominated for this award. This award after all is about discovering new bloggers, right? Right.

Have an amazing day, you beautiful creatures ❤️


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve already done this one, but I appreciate the thought so so much 😊😊

    I really want to read The Shining! I’m just so intimidated by the size, haha. And ahh I love The Uninvited soo much! It’s one of my favourite movies. Totally feel you with the procrastination, haha. I’m the worst (or should I say best?) with that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you do get around to picking up The Shining, I’m sure it will be worth it! (Considering you don’t mind reading horror 😅)

      And omg, The Uninvited is that one movie that I can watch over and over again! I usually try not to think too much about it so when I watch it again I can act all surprised hahaha 😂


  2. I can definitely relate to the procrastinating thing AND the trypophobia! It gives me shivers just thinking about it 😦 😦

    Thank you so much for nominating me! I already did this award before, but your questions are really interesting, so I’m still going to post my answers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know only two other people with trypophobia and I know it sucks but I’m so glad every time I find out that someone else knows how I feel too!

      And yay! I’m so excited to read your answers! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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