Manga Review: One Punch Man (Vol. 1-3) by ONE

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

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My Rating (for all three volumes): ★★★★★

My Review/thoughts:

One Punch Man is a manga about a young man, named Saitama, who defeats all kinds of villains (from giants jacked up on some kind of steroids to a “mosquito queen”) with one single punch. Hence “One Punch Man.” Saitama, throughout this manga, has a very indifferent attitude about life and the villains he defeats, which is what makes this manga all the more hilarious and entertaining. He acts as though fighting off these villains are such an inconvenience to him and couldn’t bore him more. These bad guys are just not challenging enough for Saitama.

This manga is jam packed with action. I’m usually not one to go for mangas that are full of action (I’m more of a romantic comedy, slice of life, shoujo kind of manga reader). So if you are like me in this sense, I think you’ll still enjoy One Punch Man. It’s an exception for me since I think there is a good balance between action and its unique humor. Needless to say, there are very mature languages in this manga. So younger readers should definitely be made aware before going into this if that isn’t what you’d like in your mangas.

I was also quite impressed with the illustration. Yusuke Murata did an incredible job with perfecting every panel of this manga. Everything is super detailed and you can tell that the artist really put their heart into it. Which in turn makes you appreciate the story itself even more. It got quite confusing at times to follow, but only when there were some intense action scenes going on. That has more to do with me, though, I’d say. Because like I mentioned, I’m not used to mangas that are full of action, so my eyes weren’t quite sure where to focus on at times. But if action mangas are your thing, then you’ll have no problem with the illustration in this one!

Saitama’s “adventures” are fun to follow. He’s so non-chalant and seems to be “bored” about everything, which makes the reading experience even more amusing. Talk about contradiction! But in this case, it’s in a good way. You just wouldn’t be able to help yourself; you’ll fall in love with Saitama’s character. You’ll also learn why he feels the way he feels sometimes. It goes to show that no matter what kind of superhuman power he has, he is still a regular human who is just looking for his purpose in life. Although the humor makes Saitama seem just super silly and even absurd, there’s no denying that he has problems with finding himself. As a reader, this makes it very easy to sympathize with him and his situation. We’ve all been through a time where we question our motives and direction in life.

In conclusion, I think interest and curiosity are kept alive throughout these three volumes to make me want to just read the next 7 volumes all at once. I can’t help but wonder just exactly how he came to possess his superpower strength that allows him to take out his enemies with a single punch. Saitama is definitely already a memorable and curious (and also rather peculiar) character, and the volumes aren’t even done. I can’t wait to continue on with the rest of the volumes!

PS, for those of you who may be wondering: yes, the anime show One Punch Man is based on this manga! (I’ve watched a couple episodes and the show is pretty accurate. So if you’d much rather watch the tv show that follow through with the manga, then you’re free to do so. There are only 10 episodes so far.)


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