Review: Bee & Puppycat Vol. 1 by Natasha Alleri

Bee & PuppyCat Vol 1 (Bee and PuppyCat)

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My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Review/thoughts:

Bee & Puppycat is a cute, fun and quick graphic novel. Just think Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Much like Finn and Jake, Bee and Puppycat do everything together. They are two best friends who basically live in a magical world. This alone screams and shouts adventure if you ask me.

My one and only concern about this graphic novel is that the story seemed to have started out of nowhere. I do understand and learned, after reading this volume, that there was a Kickstarter campaign for Bee & Puppycat. I wasn’t around for that since I had just randomly stumbled upon this graphic novel while searching for some fun ones. If you were around for the Kickstarter campaign for Bee & Puppycat, perhaps there were backstories that you were made aware of that others (like myself who are new to Bee & Puppycat) didn’t get. I felt as though there the plot was just thrown at me right off the bat without any introduction to the characters or any sort of world building (which I believe is very important when it comes to Fantasy stories). Now although the first chapter was quite confusing, the adorable art designs and the interesting characters themselves were well worth continuing the story.

Not only was I very interested in learning more about this this duo and their adventures, I was pulled right in as soon as I found out that there are interactive pages/scenes! Here is an example:


Pictured above is an open musicbox with a music bubble coming out of it. The cool fact about this is: if you scan the QR code on this page using an app on your phone, it will take you to a link on youtube where you can actually listen to the music that is supposed to be playing from the musicbox! (Give it a go! Scan the code above) This alone elevated the reading experience for me and made it super enjoyable.

If you are a huge fan of Adventure Time, then there’s no doubt you will enjoy this. Oh, did I mention, that Natasha Alleri is also the creator of Fionna and Cake? The gender swapped version of Finn and Jake? Well, yeah. So you can definitely expect major Adventure Time vibes from this one!


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