Review: The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

The Wolf Road: A Novel by Beth Lewis

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My Rating: ★★★★

My Review/thoughts:

How do you begin to trust again when the one man you have come to know as your father figure turns out to be far from who you thought he was? Much of what Elka knows about the wonders and ways of the wilderness comes from the man who she calls Trapper. The same man who took her in when she was merely just a babe, barely eight winters old. But all is destroyed when Elka goes into town one day and sees that her Trapper—actually named Kreagar Hallet—is wanted for multiple murders. Now Elka, broken but still determined, must walk a road full of secrets, deception, and questionable friendships.

I have read plenty of mystery and thriller books and I can only imagine how challenging it must be to get the balance of such a genre right. You need the perfect amount of suspense without confusing the readers, and the perfect amount of information just enough to get the readers going but without giving away too much. When I say that Beth Lewis created a perfect puzzle of a book, I really mean she created a perfect puzzle of a book. In the introduction, Lewis gives us a very significant piece of that puzzle and leads us throughout the rest of the book as if to say “keep this information in mind, it will become important later on in the book!” If that does not get you to want to read the rest of what’s to come, then I don’t know what will.

Not only do we get such an intriguing premise, Lewis also gives us unique narration. The way Elka tells her story is so capturing that it was difficult not to hear her voice in my head as I read through. Elka’s emotions radiated from pages to pages, and it was inevitable for me to feel as though we were one. I didn’t only feel like I gained a good friend, Elka now also carries a piece of my heart wherever the rest of her journey may lead her. Full of determination, vigor, and resilience, Elka makes for a badass leading character difficult to ignore or forget. She embodies what it’s like to be a human being: to be full of darkness in your heart, but still crave for another’s love and acceptance.

Was this one person’s forgiveness and love enough for all my sins? Then I decided that it weren’t the number a’ people whose forgiveness mattered. It was who that one person was.

The Wolf Road was—without a doubt—crafted very beautifully and carefully and I will forever be grateful to Lewis for bringing such an unforgettable piece to the literary world. Elka brought her own character to life from the very first page and somehow also managed to bring life to the wilderness. As if each tree and leaves had eyes and a heart that felt her feet every time she stepped foot on soil. If Lewis can bring pages to life the way she did with The Wolf Road, then I can only hope to read more of her work in my lifetime. Though I could not think of a better ending, Elka’s story is one that will leave you wanting more.


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