Movie Review: A Sunday Horse (2016)


A Sunday Horse
Directed by: Vic Armstrong
Starring: Nikki Reed, William Shatner, and Cassi Thomson

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My Rating: ★★★★★

My Review/thoughts:

A Sunday Horse is a film inspired by the true story of Debi Walden Connor. Debi Walden, a talented rider and a trainer, is determined to make her dreams come true of becoming an Olympic champion in show jumping. Her family, unfortunately, is no longer able support her financially. For a while, this makes Debi turn her back on her faith of becoming a rider again. But as God would have it, she will once more find her way into the world of horse riding and jumping. Even after a near-fatal accident, Debi Walden, full of drive, dedication and passion, defies all odds and fights against the tribulations thrown at her with God right by her side.

“If I had seen a burning bush, I’d have been more inclined to reach for a hose than listen for the voice of God. And then I heard it.” 

First off, let me just mention how absolutely stunning the setting was for this film. It was difficult not to be in awe with both the choice of setting and the soundtrack (which, by the way, was as equally as fantastic). Not only did director Armstrong nail the setting and soundtrack, the casting was also very well done. Often times, the storyline of a film does not get across properly to the audience because the cast is not, per se, the “perfect fit.” This was not the case for the actors of A Sunday Horse. I felt that the actors stayed very true to their characters, and Armstrong could not have done a better job at choosing who got what role in such a powerful and moving film.

Our leading character, Debi, was very easy to relate to. I think this plays a very significant role in what makes A Sunday Horse a powerful film. To be able to relate yourself to the main character in a film makes it all the more personal, therefore making it more memorable. It was easy for me to put myself in Debi’s shoes. To be so passionate about something and not have everyone you love understand it and necessarily support you all the way? “Difficult” wouldn’t even begin to describe how that feels. But God? God works in mysterious ways, as He did for Debi and as He does for all of us.

“Knock, and the door will be opened.” (Luke 11:9)

I myself went through a long period of time in my life where I turned my back on God. Not only did this film strengthen my fate in God, it opened my eyes even more. Like Debi, I was that one lost sheep out of the 100 that God went back for and looked for until He found me.

“I think a Sunday horse is a horse that proves that miracles can happen. A horse that wins when no one thought it could. That’s a real Sunday horse.”

Believe in yourself, in what you can achieve and put your faith into God’s palm and watch His plans unfold. You may not have everybody or even anybody at all in your corner, but as long as you are on God’s side, He will prove to you that that is enough. This very message is so perfectly conveyed in A Sunday Horse that I couldn’t help but be touched. The fact that this is inspired by a true story makes it all the more powerful and unforgettable. Debi’s undying passion is admirable and she knew in her heart that God brings certain people and things into our lives for a reason. A Sunday Horse is not only a film about how far your faith in God will take you, but how life is a combination of being determined enough to get what you want, and having trust that it will come to you when or if it’s something you truly need.

“Before you go asking for more, you might wanna show a little gratitude for what He’s already given you.”

Movie has been provided courtesy of Mongrel Canada and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.


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