Review: Alex + Ada Vol. 1 by Jonathan Luna

Alex + Ada Volume 1 Jonathan Luna

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My Rating: ★★★★★

My Review/thoughts:

Set in a very futuristic sci-fi drama, we are introduced to two unlikely and odd (but unforgettable) pair, Alex and Ada. In Alex and Ada’s world, robots live amongst people. Artificial Intelligence is now something that is widely common and accepted. Or is it? A robot is the last thing Alex wanted to enter his life. And Ada is about to change his entire world.

Although I don’t read enough sci-fi books, I was still very keen on starting this graphic novel, and am I ever glad I did! The premise alone is cool and unique. Jonathan Luna certainly wasn’t the first one to explore a storyline that involves A.I.’s (Artificial Intelligence), but the way he executed his story was simply amazing. Right away, Alex’s character came to life and this is what reeled me in to the rest of the novel. After only a few pages, I was already invested in Alex’s character and couldn’t wait to see what Luna had planned for him.

If you know me, then by now you’d also know that I’m not very big on drama or romance either when it comes to the books I read. But everything about this graphic novel was so enjoyable to me that I had to keep going. Whatever it was that Alex and Ada had going on, I was rooting for them wholeheartedly. I wanted the best for the both of them, even though the situation may have raised some ethical questions and discussions. Nonetheless, it’s apparent that there was a lot that went into the world building for this novel. The details were very well crafted and thought out, and not to mention imaginative.

Alex + Ada wasn’t only a fun and entertaining read, it was also very thought provoking. Luna really plays around with the line that draws robots apart from humans and vice versa. It also questions just what makes humans…humans.

If you’re looking for a short read but something that will still make sure you get invested in the storyline, then give Alex and Ada’s story a chance. I promise you will fall in love with them. And even if that doesn’t end up being the case for you, I can guarantee you’ll still have fun reading about a world that is so advanced that robots commonly live with humans. Alex + Ada is truly unforgettable.



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