Review Policy

When people ask me what kind of books I like to read, I always have a difficult time answering because as a matter of fact…I like to read a lot of different genres. Although I pride myself in being versatile when it comes to reading, there are genres that I do prefer over others.

For fiction, I prefer the following: horror, mystery/thriller, crime fiction, contemporary, middle-grade, and graphic novels. I’m not very big on romance, but if the premise is interesting enough, I’ll go for it (shoot your shot!) For non-fiction, I generally go for: memoirs, biographies, humour, and true crime.

In your review request, I’d appreciate if you included a brief summary of the book you’d like me to review, as well as a little bit of an intro of yourself as an author or even just a person in general! Let me know if the book will be in physical or digital format.

All reviews that I publish on this blog are my own and they are all honest and genuine. You can send your request here.