The Happiness Effect

August Wrap-Up

Okay okay, I know I missed the past two months for wrap-up’s, but hey, I’m here again now and that’s all that matters, right? Right…? Lol.

I feel like we (meaning us bookworms who do monthly wrap-up’s) say this all the time, but wow! Another month gone by! Phew. I’m not complaining though, now that we’re finally transitioning out of Summer and into Fall, my favourite season! Before I end up rambling on about my excitement for Fall, let’s just get to the wrap-up part. I’ve had such an amazing reading month this August and I couldn’t be happier about it! I read a total of 10 books. I read 4 physical books, and 6 ebooks. Let’s start with the physical books. (more…)


Review: The Happiness Effect by Donna Freitas

The Happiness Effect by Donna Freitas

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My Rating: ★★★★

My Review/thoughts:

Do you have a smartphone? Are you a social media participant, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Ever feel like social media is taking over your life and happiness and how you look at yourself? And even if not, are you a parent concerned with how social media is—or will be—affecting how your children’s lives and self-image are being shaped? In The Happiness Effect, Donna Freitas addresses so many issues that are so prevalent today as we continue living in the digital age. There is no denying that much of our daily lives today, especially young adults, are ruled by the use of social media—and it will be like this for quite a long time. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be. (more…)