IMG_8124Hello lovely bookworm friends! My name is Leslie 🙂 I’ve never been good at these “about me” portions of blogs. If you are, however, reading this then chances are we already have at least one thing in common: books! ♥

I currently live in Ontario, Canada but was born and raised in the Philippines. Other than that, I think all you really need to know about me personally for the sake of this blog is that I don’t sleep nearly enough as much as I read and I drink way too many cups of coffee for a 4’11 girl. It’s a bit of a problem, but it’s not something I feel inclined to solve… Oops.

This blog will contain everything book related and the occasional lifestyle posts (like dealing with depression and anxiety, and other random life hacks!). The book portion of this blog will mainly consist my current read(s), book reviews, book ratings, book hauls, reading challenges, reading goals, author interviews and book photos! You’ll see a wide variety of genres as I love to read just about anything if it interests me. From horror, mystery thrillers and crime fiction, to graphic novels, middle-grade, and humour (both fiction and non-fiction). 

I hope you all enjoy my little blog and the content I put out. Not all of them will be perfect, but I promise you that I work hard and try my best to keep this blog up and running for all book lovers alike. Happy reading, friends! 


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